John Gilliland, is Director of Global Agriculture and Sustainability at Devenish, an innovative livestock nutrition company which creates complete solutions, improving animal, human and environmental health, simultaneously.

For the last seven years, John has been Project Leader of the Devenish Lands at Dowth in Ireland, a ruminant and landscape research farm, situated totally within the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bru na Boinne. In partnership with University College Dublin, the company is well on its way to delivering carbon neutral beef and lamb production by 2025, while enhancing its vital 6,000 year heritage in farming and landscape management.

He has been an award winning farmer in Ireland, President of the Ulster Farmers Union; a Non Executive Director of the Scottish Rural College (SRUC), and an Energy Regulator in N. Ireland; while at the same time, he has been a policy adviser for Devolved, National and European Governments on Biotechnology, Climate Change and Sustainability.
Most recently, John bid, and secured a farmer led, EIP Innovation grant support, to accelerate seven N. Irish livestock farmers to Net Zero.